Joanna, 2015 - Connective Tissue Disorder


Joanna has a connective tissue disorder that causes hypermobility of her joints. This, in turn, makes walking challenging so she occasionally needs to use a wheelchair. Joanna experiences pain in both her joints and muscles and her poor circulation often causes swelling and fluid retention in her legs and feet. Her condition also causes a whole range of other physical complications, such as fatigue and what she describes as "brain fog".


Joanna contacted Krzys after doing some online research that suggested massage could help manage her pain which, despite medication, felt "out of control". Although she was anxious that Krzys may be nervous about treating a client with her condition, she found the opposite, that Krzys, in fact, relished the challenge. Joanna says it was essential for her to find "the right person" to treat her and Krzys' mobile service coupled with his consciousness and "open communication" convinced her he was the therapist for her. Together Krzys and Joanna have worked to better manage her pain, and help her increase her activity. Joanna says that since receiving treatment with Krzys she has learned to "listen to her body more", pace herself and become more positive due to the fact she is now "doing something to look after herself better".

Jeff, 2016 - Scoliosis


Jeff has scoliosis, curvature of the Spine and has undergone spinal surgery in which hooks, screws and rods were attached to his spine to prevent additional curvature. Jeff's experiences pain, stiffness and restricted movement on a daily basis. After his first few sessions with Krzys Jeff felt a "massive difference" in his back, with less pain and stiffness. Krzys' "excellent service" has helped Jeff to relax more easily and increase the amount he exercises.

Julie, 2016 -cares for her Dad, a stroke survivor.


Julie's Dad suffered a severe stroke causing great physical and mental impairment. He is now completely paralysed on the left side of his body and regularly experiences painful muscle spasms as a result. After painkillers proved unsuccessful in managing her Dad's pain, Julie researched other methods online in an attempt to find a better solution. Julie hoped massage could not only help relieve her Dad's spasms but also his circulatory issues caused by his immobility. She found Krzys and booked him straight away.


Krzys visits Julie's dad in his care home. Julie describes this as "perfect" as it causes no stress for her Dad as moving him is very difficult and regularly trips away from the home is impossible. Julie notices her Dad seems "much more comfortable and relaxed" after his sessions with Krzys, he often falls asleep afterwards or during a massage and both he and Julie appreciate Krzys' "non invasive" approach. As he aims to with all his clients, Krzys has built up a good relationship with Julie's Dad. As well as the physical benefits her Dad has received from massage therapy, Julie also talks of the mental and emotional improvement she has witnessed in him.


"Since Krzys has been massaging dad we have been able to take him out of the care home in his wheelchair for the first time since his stroke, as until now he has been in too much pain to sit in his chair for long. This is a huge step for both him and the family, as he is now able to take trips out"

Alison, 2016 - Fibromyalgia


Alison's suffer from Fibromyalgia, her condition means she experiences "constant pain throughout her body", her mobility is limited and she has circulatory issues in her lower limbs.

Despite some initial nerves she found that without the worry of having to travel to an appointment, her treatments with Krzys allowed her to "chill out" in the comfort of her own home.


After her sessions with Krzys, Alison finds her muscles loosen and relax and she is able to sleep for longer than usual. Alison's husband booked Krzys as a treat for her birthday after looking for a massage therapist with knowledge of her condition. Alison continues to work with Krzys and is so happy with the results she has passed his details onto friends.

Marion, 2016 - Spinal Injury


Marion's spinal injury means she is unable to move from the middle of her back down. She is unable to stand or transfer from one surface to another. As a wheelchair user, she is constantly using her arms and hands to propel herself. Obviously such a repetitive motion puts great strain on her arms, hands and back which in turn causes her to feel great pain in these areas on a daily basis. 

Marion had heard about the benefits of massage from other wheelchair users and was keen to try it out for herself but was concerned that she may find it hard to relax and feel comfortable around a therapist. However, Marion soon found that she could easily relax in the comfort of her own home with "friendly" Krzys treating her. Marion and Krzys worked together to "considerably" reduce pain in her back, arms and hands, addressing their excess use to push her chair.

Marion believes Krzys' treatment really helped her mentally and emotionally, with his techniques helping her to relax more easily by herself, something she'd previously been unable to do. She says she really wants others to "feel the benefits I have felt learning to live a more calming and relaxed way since having massage and learning Krzys' techniques".

Sports & Remedial and Holistic Massage  Case Studies from Krzys Klinowski, the massage therapist in Bristol.

As a holistic and sports massage therapist, I have worked with a wide range of male and female clients, of all ages and abilities, in Bristol and surrounding areas. I wanted to start publishing some case studies to show what can be done with a little dedication and commitment, whilst fitting it in around busy lifestyles. Below are details of some of the people I have helped.