10 Ways to Stay Hydrated That Aren’t Water This Summer

Stay Hydrate in Bristol

It’s June, and you know what that means – it’s summertime. Well, we hope it does, the British weather can be a tricky one to predict (sometimes it forgets that it’s actually supposed to be summer).

And this last week the weather don't disappoint!

Now, while you might be looking forward to spending time in the sun, it’s important that you don’t forget to stay hydrated. Dehydration isn’t something you should ignore. It can cause dizziness, headaches, loss of strength and stamina, and prolonged dehydration can affect your kidney functions. Now, I know, not everyone is fond of drinking plain water, so I’ve found 10 ways to stay hydrated that aren’t water.

Fat-free or Skimmed Milk

Milk is one of the best drinks for hydration besides water (it’s also great with cereal). In fact, a study has shown that drinking milk is actually better than drinking water when it comes to rehydration and recovery, especially after exercise.

What kind of milk should you drink? Well, low fat or skimmed milk is the best type to drink – this is because whole milk can delay fluid replacement (the process of replacing bodily fluid lost through sweating etc.). And if you don’t like drinking cow’s milk, then you can try other types of milk such as soy, rice, and almond milk.


Watermelon is one of the many foods high in water – it is made up of 91% water – and it contains salt, calcium, and magnesium, so it’s a great way to keep hydrated. A study has also shown that watermelon can protect your cells from sun damage and improve your complexion thanks to an ingredient called lycopene. What is lycopene? Lycopene is a chemical (naturally occurring) that gives fruits and vegetables their red colour.


Yes, you’ve read that right; soup can help keep you hydrated. Now the last thing you would want to drink this summer is a warm bowl of soup, but fear not, there are cold soups that you can drink instead. For example, the Gazpacho, which is a cold soup, contains hydrating foods like tomato (contains 94.5% water), and cucumber (contains 96% water). If you fancy trying the Gazpacho, I’ve found a Gazpacho recipe for you to try (yum, yum).

There are other soups that you can try, but it is recommended that you drink a clear soup rather than a creamy soup.


Strawberries are not only a delicious fruity snack, but they are also loaded with 91% water, which is the most out of all of the berries. And not only are they full of water, but they also have plenty of fibre and vitamin C.


Cauliflower (yeah, those strange cloud-looking vegetables) is another one of the hydrating foods that you can enjoy. It contains 92% water, which makes them the perfect hydrating snack. And they are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin K.


Cucumbers are a great addition to many salads, and thanks to containing over 95% water, they are another example of foods that can help you to keep hydrated. And even better, cucumbers have no saturated fat or cholesterol, making them a healthy snack. Also, cucumbers are high in vitamin K, vitamin B6, and iron.

Coconut water

Coconut water is rich in potassium like sports drinks, but it has fewer carbs, making them a healthier alternative. It is one of the best drinks for hydration thanks to being made up of 95% water. Studies have also proved that drinking coconut water is an effective way to rehydrate the body after exercise. However, it is believed that to get the best hydrating benefits that you should drink the unsweetened varieties of coconut water rather than the sweetened ones.


Celery is an ideal snack that you can dunk in many sauces and dips. But did you know that celery is 95% water? Yes, 95% water, so that great snack can help you to keep your body hydrated. As well as being one of the many hydrating foods, celery is also high in fibre and rich in minerals such as potassium and vitamin K. Also, you can enjoy this snack without feeling guilty because it’s low in calories (win, win).


Since there are many foods high in water, instead of eating them separately, you can blend them together to make a delicious smoothie. And, even better, you can freeze the smoothie into ice pop moulds and once frozen, you’ll have smoothie pops to keep you cool over the summer and stop dehydration. To make sure your smoothie is healthy it is best if you make the smoothie yourself and add water or ice rather than milk or yoghurt.

Iced Tea or Coffee

You may think that coffee and tea would dehydrate you rather than hydrate you, but studies have found that the diuretic effect of coffee and tea doesn’t stop it from hydrating you. However, it has been claimed that it is better to drink your tea or coffee with no milk or sugar. And during the summer iced tea and coffee is a better choice, especially when the weather is hot. And if you’re not a lover of coffee or tea, then you can drink herbal and fruit teas such as green tea, lemon and ginger, etc.

So there you have it – 10 ways to stay hydrated that aren’t water this summer. Keeping hydrated is important, especially during the summer, so don’t let your dislike of water stop you from staying hydrated. Now, none of these hydrating foods and drinks is a substitute for water, but they are a great way to keep hydrated instead of only drinking plain water.

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Disclaimer: All information in this blog post is my (Krzysztof Klinowski – Bristol Mobile Massage) advice and does not constitute medical advice.

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