Massage Special Offer-Your Race Bib Earns £5 Discount!

With the arrival of spring, it means we need to dust off our trainers and get ready for race season. And with the start of race season, it means you will need to prepare for any racing events that you plan to enter. So to help all you racers, I am offering (drum roll please) a race bib special offer. So, if you’re taking part in a marathon, cycling race, walking race, or any other race where you need to wear a race bib, then you can get not £1, but £5 off your first massage session.

So, if you are taking part in racing events, such as The Green Man Midnight Express, Great Bristol Half Marathon, Great Bristol 10K, Tougher Mudder London West, Spartan South West Super Sprint and Hurricane Heat Weekend, Bristol Nightrider, Bristol Harbourside Triathlon, or any other race in Bristol, then you can get my massage special offer.

Why am I offering this massage deal? Well, I have taken part in many racing events, such as half marathons, 10K runs, and I know how much massage can benefit you. I also want to encourage you to get out of the house and get moving. And this is how I can help you to challenge yourself.

Can massage help you? Yes, it can. Don’t believe me? Then continue reading.

Best Types of Massages for Races

Before we start with the massage benefits, I want to tell you what types of massage are best for pre-race preparation and post-race recovery. There are three types of massages, and each one will have a different benefit:

  • Sports and Remedial Massage: This massage can help you with the maintenance issues and injuries that come with pushing yourself. It can help you to prepare for any racing events, recover from an event, and keep up your body's great shape.

  • Runner and Cyclist Leg Massage: This massage will help you to regenerate and restore your tired and aching limbs. So if you’re a runner taking part in the Bristol Half Marathon or a cyclist taking part in the Bristol Nightrider, then this massage is for you. This massage helps to flush out the lactic acid from your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Removing the toxins soften your muscles, shorten your recovery time, and helps reduce and manage your injuries.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage uses a deeper pressure than the other types. The focus of the massage is to rearrange deeper tissue layers of muscle and the connective tissues. So if you have persistently sore shoulders, lower back stiffness, or tired tight legs, then this is the massage for you. However, this massage is better as a post-race massage.

And it just so happens that I offer all three types of massages mentioned above.

Benefits of a Pre-Race Massage

While we know that a massage can treat ailments and pain, we can often forget that massage can have preventive benefits. However, you shouldn’t have a massage too close to the start of a race because it could leave you feeling sore, especially if it’s a deep pressure massage. If you wish to have a pre-race massage, but you haunt had one before, you should have one a few days before, and the massage should be kept light but vigours. The purpose of a pre-race massage is to get your body and tissues ready for the challenge ahead.

So, what are the benefits of a pre-race massage? Well, the massage benefits are:

  • It helps you to be more focused on the race ahead by encouraging you to relax and reduce stress.

  • It helps you to ward off injury by preparing your muscles and joints for the race.

  • It reduces muscle pain and fatigue by reducing the toxins such as lactic acid, which can cause pain and fatigue in muscles when your body is under extra strain.

  • It increases flexibility by increasing your range of motions which can help improve your performance.

Benefits of a Post-Race Massage

The aim of a post-race massage is to help your body to recover. We’ve all been there, you reach the finishing line, and all you want to do is lie down (sometimes collapsing on the floor). However, it can be a shock to the body if you suddenly stop, and that’s where a massage can help you. It is best to schedule a massage within 48 hours after an event. Also , make sure you prebook your massage session earlier as we get very busy after the races, to avoid a disappointment. Book one here.

So, what are the benefits of a post-race massage? Well, the massage benefits are:

Now, I know I’ve said it before, but having a massage can benefit anyone who is taking part in a race. It’s important to take on new challenges and to keep fit, and having a massage can help you to achieve your goals. So, if any of you are looking for a massage for cyclists or a massage for runners, then remember you can get £5 off your first massage session, all you need is a race bib number. So don’t delay, and come and enjoy Bristol Mobile Massage’s massage special offer, so we can help you get to the finish line. Book your session here

Breathe Deep & Race with Bristol Mobile Massage

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