Keep the bib and get £5 off massage

Keep The Bib

Maybe it’s your first race or you are already an experienced runner and have done a marathon or two and now want to try something even more challenging like the Green Man, Ultra Marathon, Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race. You have already made one of the best decisions in your life and are now part of a growing number of people who want not only to get in better shape but to achieve a personal goal.

The benefits of running and doing other sports challenges are numerous including weight loss, improved stamina, a boost to your immune system, lower stress levels, increased feeling of wellbeing as well as confidence. However, injuries can plague both experienced and newbie runners. There’s significant strain on your body during training and particularly after a race and it is important to watch out for the signals.

Massage has always been a great way to relieve tension and improve the range of motion after a hard day or hour of racing. There is a good reason for it - a good rubdown will improve your blood circulation, relieve muscles soreness, flush out the toxins and prevent the build-up of lactic acid. And of course, we mustn’t forget how great it feels to have a little treat after all your hard efforts.

As a massage therapist, I’m well practiced in treating athletes both during training and post-race. I am personally very keen on keeping fit and love cycling, rock climbing and also have completed the Bristol Half-Marathon, two times Tough Mudder and took part in Spartan Race. So I’m in a good position to understand what it’s like on both ends of the spectrum. When you are preparing for a race your body is taking on increasing pressure and building up endurance and stamina. You also need to take care of yourself after the race is over, and before the next one is due if this is your regular kind of thing.

So if you are participating in a race of any kind in the Bristol area or the South of England from now until the end of 2016, I have a special offer for you. You will get a £5 discount at Bristol Mobile Massage if you let me know that you are a race participant and the only proof I’ll need is to see your race bib when I visit you for your session.

Like with all the other services provided by me, you will get a free initial consultation tailored to your individual needs. I will address specific areas on your body that might need more focus based on your experience during and after the race and will also look at any prior history of pain or any neurological conditions that might affect your treatment. It is proven by scientific research that massage after exercise will reduce the intensity of the delayed muscle soreness onset so you won’t feel like your legs are full of lead 2 days after your race is over. It will also help reduce inflammation and will ensure better functioning of your immune system.

I wish you a great success in all your challenges in the upcoming months, whether it’s The Green Man Ultra Marathon, a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race or you’ve decided to do a Bristol Bath Marathon or Bristol Half Marathon, just keep your bib and you will be able to enjoy a fantastic 90 minutes for yourself after the race is over.

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