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Bristol Mobile Massage - The Journey So Far and Plans for the Future

September 22, 2017


I was thinking the other day about how my business started. Three years ago (well, over three years) I decided to become a mobile massage therapist. So much has changed over those three years, so I thought today would be a perfect time to reflect on my journey as a mobile massage therapist – don’t worry, I promise I won’t bore you.


The Birth of Bristol Mobile Massage


I love Bristol. It’s been my hometown since 2004, and I now see myself as a true Bristolian. I’ve climbed the Avon Gorge and Cheddar rocks, Leigh Woods Park bike path is my favourite place, and I’ve taken part in the Bristol Half Marathon. And it was after I signed up to take part in the half marathon when a friend suggested I book myself in for a massage the day after the half marathon. At first, I was sceptical and didn’t think I needed a massage, but my friend was right. After the half marathon, my body was so sore that I walked like Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

But after I had the massage my body felt great, and my mind was on fire with ideas. It was while I struggled to walk to the massage clinic that I thought it would be better if a massage therapist could come to me instead of me going to them. Many people living in Bristol lead such busy lives that they would struggle to make the time to visit a massage therapist or massage clinic.

I have always been interested in anatomy and physiology – my mom was a nurse who once used Chinese cupping on me and taught me how it worked. So I decided that I could be the person to provide a mobile massage service for busy individuals in this thriving metropolitan city. And with that decision made, I decided to study at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, and in 2014 Bristol Mobile Massage was born.


How Has Bristol Mobile Massage Grown Over the Years?


Now we’ve looked at the birth of Bristol Mobile Massage, let’s look at how this business has grown over the last three years. Since completing my Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage, I have gone on to gain many qualifications, training, and experience:

  • I hold the Level 5 Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma course with BCMB

  • I hold an OMT Spinal Manipulation Certificate Course with OMT Training

  • I hold a Dry Needling (Medical Acupuncture) Certificate Course with OMT Training 

And with gaining qualifications, and experience, my treatment list has grown a lot over the last three years. So, I now offer the following treatments:  

  • Holistic massage

  • Back, neck, shoulders

  • Residential and care home massage therapy (I’m planning on working with even more care and residential homes)

  • Sport and remedial massage

  • Runner and Cyclist Legs Massage

  • Spinal manipulation

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Dry Needling (medical acupuncture)

  • Neurological massage therapy


I work hard to offer my clients a more than satisfactory service, so I’m always happy when I see feedback and testimonials from my happy clients.


One of my clients called Alison had this to say about my treatment with her: ‘Krzys has been h