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How Massage Therapy Can Prevent Injuries and Aid Recovery for Cyclists

July 22, 2017

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How Massage Therapy Can Prevent Injuries and Aid Recovery for Cyclists

July 22, 2017





With the Tour de France reaching the last stages many of you will be inspired to do some cycling. For those who don’t know, the Tour de France is an annual multiple stage bike race, which is primarily held in France. This year will be the 104th edition of the Tour de France (Wow, I know, it’s amazing), and it runs from 1st July to 23rd July.

Before you put on your helmet and jump on your bike, I want you to know that bike riding can cause pain and discomfort to your body. But fear not, there is a way to help you avoid or ease cycling pain and cycling injuries. So, what can help? The answer is simple: You can have a massage. And this is what I’m going to talk to you about today.   


What Are The Benefits of Massage For Cyclists?


Before we look into the benefits of a massage for cyclists, I want to explain why cyclists would need a massage. Cycling is a demanding activity that requires a lot from your body (especially if you’re competing in a bike race). Now this prolonged stress can damage your muscle tissues and cause leg soreness and cramping, and your upper body suffers due to being in an unnatural position for a long time. Now, with time, you can recover, but a cyclist (especially a professional one) won’t have the time to allow their body to recover on its own, and that’s where a massage can help: It can, for almost any cyclist, quicken your recovery time.

So, what are the benefits of massage for cyclists?



Well massage can help you in the following ways:

  • Improves your focus on the race ahead

  • Prevents injury by preparing your muscles and joints – this benefit is only for those who have a pre-race massage.

  • Reduces muscle pain and fatigue

  • Increases your flexibility

  • Reduces stress and pain

  • Delays onset muscle soreness prevention

  • Regenerates and restores tired and aching limbs

  • Shortens recovery time after a bike race