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April 2, 2017




I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you have a medical condition, an injury, or just want to relax, then massage therapy is for you.


At Bristol Mobile Massage we are getting busier and busier. This means it can be a challenge to accommodate clients who are feeling a lot of pain and who would benefit from a session within days (or possibly the same day) of booking an appointment. At the moment, some clients have to wait two weeks for an appointment. However, I have some good news, we are soon expanding, and we will be adding more people to the team. So, in the meantime, I would like to direct your attention to some of the other talented massage therapists in and near Bristol. 


As you know, I’m a mobile massage therapist, and I offer many treatments, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of someone coming to their home. (Yes, shocking, I know. Who wouldn't want to guest me in their house?)


So, if you would prefer to visit a massage clinic, I have listed the names of five massage clinics in and near Bristol. Now, these people are my friends, but I can assure you I haven't been bribed to recommend these businesses (feels slightly heavier wallet).


So, if you are looking for massage therapists in Bristol, then see below for five massage clinics in and near Bristol.

Bristol Massage Therapy


Bristol Massage Therapy offers massage therapy in Bristol. This massage clinic is based in Clifton and is run by my friend Victoria Armstrong. I know Victoria from college. She has always been helpful, and she gives great advice on how best to run a business. She is the one who normally kicks my butt when I forget to look after myself and rest.


Victoria is a qualified massage and pregnancy massage therapist. Her business offers a range of treatments for all types of people. And the one treatment that she offers, which is something I don’t offer, is a pregnancy massage. What’s a pregnancy massage? Well, a pregnancy massage is a massage taken during or after pregnancy. It is used to help expectant mothers to reduce anxiety, decrease back and leg pain, improve sleep, and decrease stress levels. Bristol Massage Therapy offers a service to suit every individual – they don’t have a one size fits all approach.

The Carter Practice


The Carter Practice is a massage clinic run by Adam Carter. He is an osteopath and a sport injury therapist. He practices at The Berkeley Centre in Clifton and The Family Practice in Bishopston.

Adam is another friend of mine. He is my tutor who taught me on the Sport and Remedial course that I finished last year. He is a skilled and experienced osteopath – a real inspiration to me.