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How Can Massage Benefit Senior Citizens?

March 7, 2017



Getting old is something that will happen to many of us. Yes, that includes you, dear reader. So I find it upsetting that many senior citizens don’t get as much care as they should. And that’s why I believe that services need to be more accessible to senior citizens, especially those who live in care homes.


For my business, I aim to give services to people who would benefit the most but are unable to access that service. And because my business is mobile I can break down those barriers and provide my services to anyone.


For a while now I have been working with care homes in Bristol:


Cossham Gardens – Leonard Cheshire Disability is a charity supporting disabled people in the UK and around the word to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose.  For 65 years , they been supporting disable people in many different ways, 


and Begbrook House –  Brighterkind - their Philosophy is that everyday is a new opportunity. To engage, encourage, and appreciate. To be there where it matters. Involved in all the little moments of kindness, that makes help life feel brighter….

They focus on understanding what quality of life means for everyone, and than provides the right experiences to help residents to live their life to fullest.


 And from seeing how much my services have helped people, I feel it is important to share why senior citizens and those living in care homes could benefit from massage. 


Who Can Benefit From a Massage?


Massage therapy can be a useful treatment for senior citizens. They are also suitable for those senior citizens who have impairments and conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, joint and muscle stiffness, and limited mobility.

As a result of these impairments and conditions, senior citizens have poor blood circulation and limited physical activity. Many of them are also anxious, depressed, and lonely. Massage can help improve these issues, which makes it ideal for seniors.


What Are the Massage Benefits for Senior Citizens?


A massage can have many physical benefits for senior citizens – it can increase blood circulation, it can remove toxins from the body, and it can ease a headache and pain. A study has found that massage can help senior citizens who have constant pain.


Massage can also help reduce psychological stress – it can give comfort, it can relieve stress, it can reduce anxiety, depression, and it can reduce the loneliness seniors feel. Massage can also improve the length and quality of your sleep, and it can help improve your quality of life and self-esteem. A study found that a massage helped to enhance the well-being and reduce the stress levels of senior citizens who lived at home. Another study found that a back massage given to senior citizens who live in care homes decreased the patients’ anxiety levels.


As you can see, there are many massage benefits for seniors.


Types of Massage Treatments for Senior Citizens


There are many different types of massage treatments that can be useful for senior citizens:


  • Holistic massage - A holistic massage is a form of massage designed to meet the specific needs of the client. It uses various massage techniques tailored to the health conditions and needs of the client.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder massage – Muscle problems often occur in the back, neck and shoulder muscles. Being seated for long periods of time can cause this problem, so this massage is beneficial for senior citizens with mobility issues. This massage works to ease tension in these areas and help to relieve built-up stress.

  • Hand massage – A hand massage is claimed to be a good starting point when considering doing a massage for senior citizens especially if they have dementia. Most people are used to having their hand touched, so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they were to have a hand massage. Hand massages have been found to have a relaxing benefit and reduce cortisol (stress hormone).

  • Foot massage – A foot massage is considered ‘boundary-safe’ when working with older clients. Clinical studies have found that foot massages help to increase relaxation, reduce anxiety, ease physical discomfort, and improve sleep.

The Benefits of Mobile Massage Businesses for Senior Citizens, as I previously mentioned above, a mobile massage business has extra benefits for senior citizens.


What are the benefits? Well, I’ve listed them below:

  • It makes it easier for those who have mobility issues to have access to the treatment – you don’t have to worry about struggling on buses, or costly taxi fares.