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July 22, 2017

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What Can You Do to Relieve Pain and Stress While Driving?

January 17, 2017





Driving – many of us do it, but we often forget the impact that our drive to work can


have on our bodies. I spend a lot of time driving due to my mobile business. And


while driving, I often forget to pay attention to my posture (I know, I’m a massage


therapist, I should know better, but hey, I’m human). This poor posture often causes


me to feel discomfort in my shoulders. And that discomfort is increased when you

have to spend time stuck in traffic, which is what I have to do due to the

Metro bus roadwork in Bristol.


So, what can you do to stop pain while driving? Well, this is what I will be talking to


you about today.


What effect does your drive to work have on your body?




You’ll be surprised to know that driving doesn’t only affect your physical health, but it


also affects your psychological health.


The effects:


 Back pain – studies have shown that driving can cause lower back pain. This


is believed to be caused by bad posture and seat position.


 Shoulder and neck pain