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10 Tips for Dealing with Stress

July 20, 2016

“I’m stressed.” How often have you said or thought this? At least once in your life, I bet. There are many reasons why you could feel stressed.  An example of this is exam stress, which is something I have recently experienced.


I was working towards my Level 5 Sport and Remedial Massage diploma. Even though I worked hard all year, I still wondered if I had done enough to guarantee a pass. And with English not being my first language, I was anxious (as anyone would be) about the written part of the exam, especially as I needed to include many anatomical terminologies.


However, I decided not to allow my exam stress to overwhelm me. Instead, I explored many interesting techniques to deal with stress. And this is what I will be sharing with you today.



What is stress?


Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed by situations or events in your life. It’s normal to feel under pressure at times. However, if it leaves you struggling to cope with life, then that’s when you will experience negative effects on your mind, body, and behaviour.


To know what negative effects to look out for, I’ve listed some signs below.


The effects of stress on your body include:


•    Tiredness

•    Headaches

•    Upset stomach

•    Muscle tension or pain

•    Chest pain

•    Sleep problems

•    Panic attacks


The effects of stress on your mind include:


•    Restlessness

•    Lack of motivation

•    Feeling overwhelmed

•    Irritability or anger

•    Depression

•    Anxiety

•    Feeling neglected or lonely


The effects of stress on your behavior include:


•    Overeating or undereating

•    Angry outbursts

•    Drug or alcohol abuse

•    Social withdrawal

•    Exercising less often or none at all

•    Starting to smoke or smoking more


Now we know what stress is, we can look at how to beat it.


10 Ways to Deal with Stress by Me


1.    Exercise


Yes, I know, you hear it all the time. But I can assure you that exercise is good for stress relief. And you don’t need to join the gym. You could go for a walk. Why is exercise great? Well, exercise increases endorphins, which improves your mood. And with an improvement in your mood, you’ll be able to deal with stress better. If the word ‘exercise’ still fills you with dread, then let’s call it ‘meditation in motion’ instead. (On that note, I’m off for a run) ) 


2.    Sleep


A good night’s sleep is important for your health. As an adult, it’s necessary to get at least seven to nine hours sleep. But trouble sleeping is one of the effects of stress – you can’t drift off to sleep if your mind keeps going over things. The solution is to find a bedtime routine that helps you to relax. For example, you could read before bed (not off the screen).


3.    Guided meditation


What is guided meditation? It’s meditation with the help of a guide. This guide will be a trained practitioner or teacher. Guided meditation can be given in person, but you can also have it via video, audio, or written.

There are several types of meditation, but most of them have four elements in common:


•    A quiet location with few distractions.

•    A comfortable posture.

•    A focus of attention – a chosen word, or the sensation of the breath, etc.

•    An open attitude


I have tried guided meditation, thanks to my good friend Kerry Sheahan – massage therapist and meditation teacher - who gave me some pointers. She recorded for me a short guided meditation session to help me focus and relax.  At the moment she is practicing and running meditation classes in Clevedon, and very soon she will brin