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Pain – it’s something that we all wish to avoid. But what if you can’t? What if every day you wake up and find yourself in pain and unable to freely move?

Well, when I started working with the  Bristol NeuroPhysio clinic, I found that there was a way of helping people like you, who suffer from pain or immobility. So with wanting to help people overcome their daily challenges, and gaining experience working  close with physiotherapists,  I decided to offer neurological massage therapy to my clients, in the hopes that I could improve people's quality of life.


What is neurological massage therapy?


Also called neuromuscular therapy (or NMT for those who love abbreviations), Neurological massage therapy is a modern approach to massage therapy. It focuses on understanding the way the neuromuscular system (this is a fancy name for the muscles of the body and the nerves supplying them) works.


This technique can help massage therapists – like me – to understand what causes your pain and whether it’s down to trigger points (sensitive areas in your muscle), posture, or an underlying condition. And because the nervous system controls muscle tension and the pain in your body, NMT allows me to treat your symptoms and address the causes.


Not convinced yet? Then let me explain further.


Who should try Neurological Massage Therapy?


Is this type of massage therapy for you? You’ll be surprised to know that NMT can help a variety of people who suffer from neurological conditions or spinal injuries.


The list below details all those who can benefit from NMT:

  • If you have a sport injury